Walstead Group


Walstead Group has identified a need to improve their overall market appearance and standardize the branding of their various businesses acquired over the last years.


In phase 1 it is planned to finalise the conceptual work of developing a unique end stage brand positioning and logo including a transition proposals for both, from a visualisation and time point of view, respectively. This needs to be drafted for all countries and all current companies involved.

In phase 2 the project focuses on the strategic and operational alignment and implementation of the country and company specific transition period including the development of an argumentation “Question and Answers” catalogue and communication story (e.g. quality, standards, key competence, capabilities) linked to operational glide path milestones in the various countries involved to ensure local employee buy in of all participating companies.


Creating a global world class brand in printing will strive to significantly build revenue and profit margin for a stronger market capitalisation.

This effort will develop a harmonised Walstead Group branding positioning and communication material built on visual identity guidelines for all Walstead Group companies.