Incite Quality Academy


The INCITE Quality Academy is the „institute for management consultants and information technology experts“ from the advisors and consultancy branch (UBIT) of the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO). The WKO represents more than 450,000 member companies. As the voice of Austrian business, the WKO is committed to forward-looking policies which benefit the economy. The leading academic courses are the „Certified Supervisory Expert“ (CSE), „Certified ?Management Consultant“ (CMC) and the „Certified Turnaround Expert“ (CTE) with international accredidation according to ISO 17024.


Alignment, development and establishment of a strategic brand equity positioning to achieve the leading Austrian position in academic courses for advisors, consultants and accounting and ICT- experts.


Revenue and Profit Improvements. International accredidation approvals. Achieving the leading position to certify Supervisory Experts in Central Europe.