IDA - Identity Austria

„IDA – Identity Austria“ creates new standards across Europe with a secure and user controlled system for integrated identity management based on governmental, centrally saved identification documents.

Developed a comprehensive marketing and communication implementation concept (including brand positioning, message house, storyline, briefing of the federal minister, etc). Ensured development in close cooperation and alignment with multifunctional team members and with all key stakeholders and obtained final approval for implementation. Governmental and academical embedding, regulatory affairs, political advisory.

Launch of go-to-market-strategy based on deep consumer understanding. Establishing the foundation for a pan-European leading highly secure and very efficient governmental ID solution as an add-on for traditional ID documents. IDA will aim to address digitalization matters in the public sector for the benefit of the citizens as a transparent identification and authentification system in the physical and digital world while security, privacy, data protection, usability and user trust are at equilibrium.

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