25+ years of global top executive experience in both developed & emerging regions, latest as a member of the extended management board as Corporate Senior Vice President (CSVP), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) L&HC serves as a solid base to increase profit margins and enhance company value.

Long-lasting "Top Performance based on sustainability" is key.

STRATEGY (anticipate & lead) IMPLEMENTED (passion for excellence)

Commitment, persistence, open-mindedness/flexibility

A) Commitment to Leadership

lead & win (vision, mission, objectives, values, where to go, identify key people) ...

ignite the fire in the organisation, understand, connect, align, motivate, ...

engage in developing people (30%) ...

B) Persistence:
Walk the extra mile (endurance), can do mentality, solution oriented

C) Open-mindedness:
Regional: inter cultural (developed/emerging regions); bringing diverse people together (dig for competencies, activate the best contribution in everybody, look for the match, put the right teams together)
Content: business (various product categories - tissue towel, oral & denture care, cough & cold, laundry & home care, baby care, etc), politics & social issues 
Organisation: American corporate, German family business, founder/owner own business
and … flexible and open-minded to let “luck” happen


"Lead and win!"